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I have just set up my Shutterstock library. Feel free to visit my gallery. Cheers! :)

Check out My Gallery Here

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2nd Nov 2008 was Kancil Awards Night. This was a meaningful day for me, because my 1st award after work born tonight!

My team members and I spent around 3 weeks to finish this masterpiece:… It has been finalised into the Illustration Crafting category! But finally, we could only make it for a Merit Award. Anyway, it still means a lot to me.

Thanks Mccann Erickson and my team fellows, I will do it better next year!
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What so exciting about my life recently? Nothing else except I won the competition of Depthskins 22. Once again, really appreciate for all your support. :D

I thought I would give up my tough life in new environment. Luckily, I have my friend joined Mccann Erickson one week after me. Now, I got used to this place, and my art director who bring me in, quite satisfies what I have done so far. Somehow my work isn't the best of mine yet, I believe I could do it better. Since I have started the show, I will try dragging it longer before the ending. :)

Oya, I might have a chance to do graffiti later on! Yes, at least I have a chance to do different thing in Mccann Erickson. :XD:
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I have been working in Mccann Erickson for 1 week. Guess what? I was OT every night! The first 4 days, Monday-Thursday, I stayed until 9pm, while the fifth day, Friday, I stayed until 11pm! And this considered as a light OT! Damian told me, if you really like the job, OT is nothing. But now, I have to re-consider this thought.

I personally handle 3 projects at the same time, while 1 project divided to many applications. Yes, these are opportunities, but they are rush jobs, I dun even have time to enjoy the process of design, the objective of the job is to get the visual done as fast as you can. I would say that some of my design are rubbish! Such a pity... Is a shame if I share the work with you guys here... :(

I am not sure how's the operation of oversea big agency, but this is the true thing happened in Malaysia. Well, maybe I am new, I might have chances in future? One thing for sure, I earn a lot in agency, haha :evillaugh:

Thanks for the comments from you guys recently! I might not reply because I hardly have time these days. Thanks for all your support, I will keep on going my agency life for a reasonable period. :)
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I have accepted job from Mccann Ericksson. Thanks every fellows and friends, i appreciate ur support and encouragement!
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Recently, I have rejected the offer from Mccann Erickson. This is really hard decision due to different aspects, location, money, etc... Somemore, I have got better offer from else place.

Unexpectedly, the director from Mccann recontacted me and willing to pay me extra. I doubt, am I really good? Should really take the job they offered? Can I do this? Should I exchange my health with money?
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Today I got a call from a Creative Director of Mccann Erickson. He offered me a job as Graphic Designer. I was stunned cause I've never thought they will confirm in such a short time since the day we interviewed. Somehow I think I would lost my freedom if I work in such a big international agency, my life would be busier and tougher. But, 1 thing for sure, my job exposures will be widen, I learn more things. Is time to farewell my freedom, but i promise i will be back one day with more $$$...
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1000!!!! within one day, from 600 to 1000!

Thanks everyone who has supported my gallery! i am so thrilled!

Special thanks to Damian, thanks for increasing my profile publicity!
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How do you think of professionalism as a designer?

We all have our aesthetics point of view, to create something we think is trendy. I believe every designers can feel the hardwork of someone behind the visual, and evalute it with the same art senses. We have done the best, are we considered professional?

Unfortunatelly, some clients will not understand the designers' language, and require unreasonable changes. As a designer, we all feel bad about it, we lost the interest, further changes make things worse. In term of clients' satisfaction, if we don't full-fill their needs, we are not professional. If we full-fill the clients' need and turn out bad design, are we considered professional?

It is really a confusing question...
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Thanks everyone who visited my profiles in the past. I am glad you all can make 600 for me and i hope 1000 is not so far from now, hehe...
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